ABOUT US – Ascot X Charlie




ascot x charlie is an adventure started in 2018 by a band of friends : unrepentant travelers, seeking out the finer things in life. We had experienced first hand the difficulty in finding products that resonated with us and our values : products that struck the balance between elegant design, quality and durability - without compromising on their origin, raw materials or respect for the environment.

And as someone wise once remarked : if you want something done well, do it yourself. So was born Ascot X Charlie, out of the quest for beauty and harmony, driven by an unflinching sense of optimism and positivity.

It was in a quasi-family atmosphere that we travelled tirelessly through Italy and Portugal in search of the best ateliers. After long months of work, dozens of prototypes (and many litres of coffee) our first capsule collection was born.

Given its remarkable success, we decided to expand our range of sneakers whilst holding on to that optimism - and we now continue to offer elegant, durable and versatile products that showcase the best of European craftsmanship.

Much love,

Ascot X Charlie